My New PentairSuperflo VS


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May 3, 2007
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If you have a check valve in your plumbing, then the lower RPM values will not be as accurate in Watts2GPM, because the plumbing is changing with flow rate. All of the tools assume there is no change in the plumbing with a change in RPM.

But if you put in 2045 watts at 3450 RPM, then at 1800 RPM it should read 406 watts not 427 watts. Still a little off but better.

Also, these models are based upon measurements the manufactures make for the APSP and Energy Star so it is reliant on those to be accurate. Unfortunately, there are too many cases where the measurements have proven to be inaccurate.


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May 20, 2012
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Just to add to this for you - congrats on the variable speed, you won't be disappointed- I run at about 1500RPM for 2 hours / day to skim, and then 750RPM 24/7. Pump costs went from about 3-4$ / day running 8-12 hours at full speed to about $1 / day on average. (This is not measured but estimated from the summer electric bills, which include AC in the northeast summers.)



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Jul 4, 2013
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This will be my 4th season with the pump and I know I way over use it but it still costs me less than my old single pump.
I need to have it running through the day/evening as that's when we use the pool. The pump must run to allow the heater to work we don't like it too cool.
To keep the flow nicely through the heater and give me good skimming (lots of stuff in my yard gets into the pool) I keep it at around 1800 rpm. This creates a nice ripple at the jets and allows the skimmer to grab almost everything.
In the evening it ramps up a bit to 2400 for a few hours to give me a good filtering of whatever dead stuff, sweat, sun tan lotion, dog hair, etc has been brought into the water.
Later in the evening when there is greater heat loss, it drops down to keep the heater off. I could just turn it off but I let it run at 1000 rpm just to keep the water moving. You barely see a ripple at this speed. Just for note, quick clean for vacuuming is at 2850 for perfect suction.