my cya test


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Jun 12, 2017
I have a taylor k-2005. I wanted to check CYA level in the pool The test kit was completely full and I could just barely see the dot at the bottom of the kit, but I could still see it. Lowest # on the kit was 30.

This bad? I'm learning here!

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Good morning! You do want to the dot to disappear completely. Try this:
CYA Testing:
Proper lighting is critical for the CYA test, so you want to test for CYA outside on a bright sunny day. Use the mixing bottle to gently mix the required amounts of pool water and R-0013 reagent, let sit for 30 seconds, then gently mix again. Recommend standing outside with your back to the sun and the view tube in the shade of your body at waist level. Then, begin squirting the mixed solution into the skinny tube. Watch the black dot until it completely disappears. Once it disappears, record the CYA reading. To help the eyes and prevent staring at the dot, some people find it better to pour & view in stages. Pour some solution into the viewing tube, look away, then look back again for the dot. Repeat as necessary until you feel the dot is gone. After the first CYA test, you can pour the mixed solution from the skinny view tube back to the mixing bottle, gently shake, and do the same test a second, third, or fourth time to instill consistency in your technique, become more comfortable with the testing, and validate your own CYA reading.


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Jun 28, 2017
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Not bad, perhaps a bit low. Bad is when it is over 90 so you are in good shape. Use Pool Match to calculate how much CYA you need to add to bring your level from 30 to 40 if you do not have a salt system. Assume you have 30 now add enough CYA to bring it up the 10ppm, let in mix completely then retest. Adding CYA takes caution so study up or ask before you start.