Moving from suction vac to robot experiences


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Sep 8, 2016
I do not use the fine filters. I find that the robot stirs up ultra-fine sediment into the water enough that my DE polishes off anything super fine, and then the robot has a little more suction power. In fact, if there were a coarser filter, I'd probably use that.


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Jun 2, 2007
Annandale, VA
I have a contrarian view. I went from a Polaris 280 pressure cleaner to a robot. I miss the automatic cleaning suction and pressure side cleaners do *every day*. Robots aren’t hands off. You need to clean them out, many have a chord that tangles, and they only clean the pool when you run them. Say you run the bot on a Monday, then go swimming on Wednesday. There could be crud on the bottom of the pool. So in some ways bots can be more hands on.

Btw I have a active 20 bot. While the bot will do a really good job in a 3 hour session, it only matters if your pool is clean when it’s time to swim.

Thinking of getting a zodiac mx6 for everyday touch up cleaning, then dropping the bot in if I need a deeper clean, which may not happen if the mx6 is running while the pump is on.