Motor/pump just died, full pool, and Hermine on the way - HELP!

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Jun 22, 2015
Our pool pump/motor died on us a few days ago, we planned to put a new one in this weekend, but now we're getting tons of rain from Hermine and our pool is about to overflow! Other than using the bucket bailing method, is there a way to drain some of the water from the pool with a non-functioning pump?


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May 16, 2010
Yuma AZ
Ditto to what kcindc posted. You can also purchase an inexpensive Submersible Pump from harbor freight.

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Jul 10, 2009
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How to siphon using your vacuum hose
madwil said:
when I had a Intex, I used a standard vacuum head and hose, and set a syphon over the side instead of using the pump at all- as long as you don't mind watering the grass, and replacing water (same as vacuum to waste!)
fill hose with water- start at one end, attach to vacuum to weight/hold underwater.
push hose underwater along the length, so it fills entirely
when you reach the other end, water should bubble out of it
Hold both ends under water
grab the middle of the hose, throw it over the side so a loop is hanging lower than the water level in the pool
work back the length of the hose away from the vacuum head
throw the end on the ground where you want the water to drain
start to vacuum!
when done, lift vacuum out of water to break suction, and drain to other end so gunk doesn't come back into pool