Motor faulty, or bad shaft seals? (Video)


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Jul 24, 2020
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Nope it was on the right way around!

The scratches are significantly exaggerated in the photo. It feels smooth to the touch. The one at the back that looks like a deep groove is just a reflection.

I wiped everything off, reseated it all with lube and the squeaking went away. I guess it just wasn't on there square or properly? There is a slight rub between the impeller and diffuser that I didn't notice before (but the squeak might have masked it) but I can't see any wobble in the impeller (maybe 0.5mm).

I've reinstalled everything, powered it back up and motor is now quiet at all RPMs.

I'm going to order the replacement seal set that you recommended in case I have done lasting damage and the seals fail in the near future, but for now all good and it saved me chasing down a motor warranty issue that I didn't need to.

Thanks for all your time! TFP saves the day again!

I'm going to add photos to the shared album showing the tear down for future use.
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Aug 24, 2020
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New seal could be short lived..wondering if just the armature available from V Green?