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Feb 23, 2022
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According to the video, aeration has minimal effect. The surface area of the water gives plenty of aeration.
I guess this being my first plaster pool, and the plaster still less than 6 months, I'm still working on my long game. I really need a full season to know better. My lowering of TA was slow but did steadily come down, as much suggested here. Now, my TA is very stable and in range and stays that way. It's a stable variable I hope to keep that way with also having high TA fill water.


May 28, 2012
I've read a bunch of posts about the TA/Ph relationship but I'm still not getting something right. TA is always going high and so is Ph. I know I need to get my TA down but can't seem to do it. It always seems to be 130. Several times I've used MA to bring Ph down to 7.0 but within a few days it's back up again. I have no way to aerate the pool unless someone has a suggestion for that so my Ph will be very low too when I dump all that acid in. The Taylor kit maxes out at 8.0 Ph so there's no way to know how much higher than that you are so it's a bit of a guessing game. Lately I've been adding a cup of MA every day but Ph still creeps up and TA stays at 130. Shouldn't it be coming down? Today I added 3 cups MA and got Ph to 7.6 but I'm sure tomorrow it will be up again. My well water is 7.6 last I checked. Do I just need to be patient and add daily doses of MA and wait for TA to slowly come down?
Use a soaker hose and attach it to an air compressor with fittings from home depot. You may have to use some landscaping rock to hold down the hose since the hose will float because of the air going through. It is noisy but effective.
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