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Jun 27, 2008
Central IL.
To secure our winter cover on our above ground pool we use milk jugs or other types of jugs (like bleach). However, we put the jugs on the inside of the pool and not out. Seems as if it prevents wind-whip and other fun windy-cover games. I read alot of posts that put the jugs on the outside, just touching the ground. What do you do?


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Mar 26, 2010
Western Pa.
This is our first year. The leaves started to come down early and to keep them out we put the winter cover on even though we haven't closed up the pool yet. We decided to hang bleach jugs on the outside and have them just touching the ground. We don't want to have them swinging around. Our water is still too warm to close down, 66º, but we had to do something to keep all the leaves out.

I want to just use a leaf net cover til the leaves are done and then not put any cover on the pool, but dh feels we should use winter cover. We get terrible winds and snow and I'm afraid the cover will take off this winter even with the jugs.
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