Meyco mesh cover replacement options


Mar 15, 2019
Looks like this will be the last year for my cover .... +15 years. So good service. Green mesh -- 20 x 40 rectangle. It seems that there are more options today --- finer mesh and even solid covers with mesh inserts. Any good threads discussing this recently ? This pool is very visible form the house -- I don't want a solid cover with pump. I'm told that the finer mesh allows less dirt into pool -- we seem to have more leaves get under the cover vs dirt through the mesh? We have a lawn service -- they guy blow off the place every week. We also do our own openings and closing ... The original Meyco mesh is manageable weight wise.

Any thoughts would be appreciated ... I'm also thinking I will get the screw type anchors vs the pop up type I have now ... pop ups are a pain


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Jul 16, 2012
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We have a Merlin Smartmesh, which is their heaver mesh line. It's a good product. Every bit the equal of LoopLoc, which is also top notch. Ours is finishing it's 6th winter and I'd venture to say 15 years is reasonable. It also helps that I don't install it until late October and remove it by mid-April in Maryland. I move it to and from the house on a hand truck. It's heavy but not near what a solid cover in our size would be.

Yes, some leaves do blow in under the cover, just the nature of the beast. But it has caused no issues with staining and the volume is still quite low. Worms are our biggest inhabitant some winters, but not all winters.