Melted Impeller Shaft Seal


Mar 5, 2015
Galt, CA
Good Afternoon,
Hoping for some help from the TFP community. I recently had a motor on my Jandy SHP1.5 start to go bad, I replaced the motor after hunting and bought the exact model per the parts list on the pump manual. I replaced the shaft seal and all other parts looked good. When hooking the motor up there was a bit of an arc on the initial start. I shut the breaker off and checked the electricity connections, there was some scorching near one of the connectors and I thought that maybe the motor was fried. cleaned the area some and reconnected the wires and the motor started right up and the pump worked great. I recently started seeing some water coming from the bottom of the motor and the pump having more air in it and priming itself. I took the motor off yesterday and saw that there was calcified chlorine on the motor which indicated that water was getting through. I took the impeller off and saw that the impeller was melting and the carbon shaft seal was melted and mostly disintegrated. Finding a new impeller has been near impossible as it's discontinued, finally found one at a pool supply store near more but it's rather expensive. I was hoping for some advise on what could have caused the impeller and the shaft seal to melt. I can't risk melting another impeller as I would then most likely have to buy a whole new pump.