Marbletite freestone finish

Oasis 59

Mar 18, 2019
I’m considering switching to a pebble finish and curious about the feel and look. A friend said the pebble finish is very uncomfortable to walk on and I’m wondering if those that have pebble finishes regret their decision.
Also does anyone have pictures of a pool with the St Thomas freestone finish?
Is the added expense worth upgrading to pebble and is it any harder to maintain?


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May 3, 2019
I currently have an old quartz finish. I am getting pebble next month. I brought home a sample and it's only slightly rougher than my current finish. See if you can get a sample to take home and then you can feel it in the water. I would think if you have normal plaster you would def notice the difference of plaster vs pebble, but coming from quartz I doubt I will feel any difference in our transition.