Many Thanks .....


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Jun 14, 2009
:goodjob: To all for all your invaluable help, my BBQ yesterday was a big success :whoot: and the crystal clear pool was a big part of it !!!

I will be following the "BBB method" from now on, I just ordered the borax on-line and will be purchasing the TFT Testkits as soon as I get a chance.

Once again thanks, I didn't think the pool would make it but my guess where amazed at the clarity of the water especially the once who saw it in it's swamp phase.



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Feb 2, 2008
Northwest Indiana
Don't ya just love it when people compliment you about your crystal clear pool water. I find people are always impressed with how little time and money I spend on my pool. THey always say things like I would love to have a pool but I don't have the time to spend on it. Or isn't upkeep and maintenance too time consuming. I think I have probably sold several people on the idea of getting a pool when I tell them I don't spend more than $100 bucks over the course of a season. BBB is the best.

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