maintaining bromine levels


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Mar 29, 2007
Knippa, Texas
I had another thought. My sampling method may have been problematic. I've been taking my samples from the "quiet" spa without having had any jets running for a while. It circulates somewhat for the heating, but I think I may have been getting non-representative samples.

Now I've started taking my samples after running the jets for a couple minutes to get the water thoroughly mixed. Maybe I won't be seeing those spikes anymore. . .


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Jun 13, 2009

waterbear said:
If you want to do a 3 step bromine system I suggest you do it correctly by draining your spa, adding plain sodim bromide, shocking with bleach, and then putting your floater in to maintain the bromine level and shock with bleach weekly.
Why we should shock just after adding the sodium bromine and before putting the floater?