Main drain questions


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Feb 19, 2010
San Diego, CA
Hi all

We've had the pool for 6 months now and I still feel like it's a bit of a mystery but I'm determined to understand this set up ****** it....!

Is it possible that my main drain isn't working? There is absolutely no suction coming off it. Is this right?

We have a Star-Rite U-3 skimmer -at least that's what it says on the underside of the lid. But when I look at the manual for this skimmer online it looks different. We have one hole in the bottom that is sucking water in when the pump is running. Then there is one hole on the side of the skimmer, on the wall closest to the pool - is this from the main drain? Then there is another hole on the other side of the unit - don't know where it goes. Does this sound like the Star-Rite U-3?

When I look at the plumbing it seems that there is no separate line for the main drain and skimmer. The only valve leading into the pump is right in front of it. I presume this is were we shut the water off if there's ever a major leak.