Loud noise coming from Pentair Booster Pump


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May 28, 2016
Good morning! My pentair booster pump has been making a loud noise for quite some time now. I asked a tech at my local pool store about it and he said it might be the bearings and that it's ok to keep running it, but that it will eventually need replacing. My question: Is this a fairly simple DIY? Is this a repair job or would I be better off replacing the whole booster pump? I think the booster pump just runs our pool sweep (polaris 280). It only makes the loud noise when the pool sweep is going so I'm guessing that's the only thing its for as I don't hear it when we have the spillway turned on, and the waterfall has it's own motor. Link to video of sound for reference:



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Jul 3, 2013
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you can take it apart and do the bearing.. or take the motor off and take it into a place and have them replace the bearing and you rebuild the pump with a kit and upgraded seals.. or you can take the whole pump and motor into a place and have them do it all.. :)
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