Long weekend getaway


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May 24, 2010
Ok, will be gone for 4 day's, I have been using 2-3ppm of Cl daily. If I were to add enough liquid CL to bring the CL up 12 ppm's in theory that should last the 4 days correct? Last weekend when i went away added a little extra but also had a couple pucks in the feeded.. I want to see if my new method would work?


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Nov 5, 2008
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I'd clean everything really well, skimmers, filter, brush the pool, so everything is really clean. Then go to shock level and add some pucks to a floater or feeder. Four days is not a big deal IMO.

On our 2 week vacation, I filled the auto-chlorinator set on 2, and had someone check the pool every 4th day to clean skimmers and add a big jug of bleach if FC was below 4. Everything was fine when I got back. Filter and skimmers were clean when we left. I did not think to scrub the coping and brush the pool before I left so I had to do it when I got back as chlorine demand was up a bit.