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Jul 17, 2018
Gotta say i love TFP... i bought my house with a pool in 2018 and had no idea what i was doing. i figured you just put the pucks in the chlorinator. that first summer was a real headache trying to get all my chemistry right... i went through a ton of shock and ph up and ph down and probably a few other things as well.

And then i stumbled on TFP in the fall. it was all so simple and i read thru pool school and bought my tf-100 test kit and after opening my pool applied what i had read. it worked like a charm! water went from a slight cloud to crystal by the second day! i only had one problem that was self inflicted that year. i had read up on cya and figured i would bump mine up from 20 to 30 ppm to stabilize the chlorine so i wouldn't lose so much but i never increased the chlorine level based on the cya chart.. duh! anyway... just one slam took care of that and i was good the rest of the year.

this year i opened up entirely by myself and had the water crystal again within 36 hours. now we are just waiting for it to warm up...

A few tips that i have found very useful:
  1. have a little squeeze bottle to draw sample water...makes life a lot easier
  2. i would sometimes wonder if my water was clear or had a haze but whoever coined the phrase 'vodka clear' when talking about the water clarity totally nailed it. thank you! thank you! it has been a guiding principal!
  3. Found out about Marina Pool Supply from here and saved a bunch on my dolphin robot!
So thanks to everyone who posts. i've learned so much and really love taking care of the pool now. Looking forward to a great summer.
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