Leaking Pool light


Aug 9, 2009
Levittown, PA
Hi folks

I pulled the pool light to clean out the niche and found the light housing a quarter of the way filled with water. The light is a pentair 120 volt with a flood light in it. The niche is plastic.

Taking the lens off the light I noticed that the edges of the lamp housing and the front retainer ring were corroded/etched in spots. I switched to a salt system last year and I'm wondering if there is some sort of galvanic action causing the etching? I'm wondewring if anyone else has this problem and if the etching will continue and allow a leak past the lens gasket. I'm thinking of just disconnecting the electric to the light and putting the housing back in the niche.




TFP Expert
May 20, 2007
South Central NJ
Good start. Yes, galvanic action will continue unless you add a sacrificial zinc anode, maybe even two in the water path. When you removed the fixture, did you feel any tingling in your hand? If not, was the GFCI tripped? If not, that narrows it to needing the anode to attract the stray current away from the light fixture's stainless. Strays are more attracted to the zinc anodes, harmlessly corroding the zinc instead of the steel.

Since the fixture has an issue, check any ladder cups and dive stands.

I sense a potential for a broken bond wire.