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May 5, 2020
Southern Maryland
We've been struggling with a leak in my parents in ground concrete pool for the past couple years. I got involved because when they are out of town I stop by thier house, water the flowers and make sure the pool is operating....just like a good son would..lol. But every time it annoys me because of the water loss. Constantly have to add water every few days.

This year I made a mission to take care of this for them. (They are in their mid-70s). I did the ole "trial and error" where I would individually block of skimmer, jets, floor drains, etc.. and check the level a couple days later. Always leaked... I found a couple small cracks in the plaster so I sealed them....still leaked... Thought maybe the light fixture was leaking...Dug up the conduit at the J-box.... No leak there.

So I called decided to call in the professionals. Called a company called Excalibur Leak Detection. They came out with a piece of equipment that can detect changes in the pool level to the 1000th of an inch. In 5 minutes he was able to confirm the pool was leaking. He went around with a mirror and dye in a syringe. In about another 10 minutes he was able to detect leaking around the outside of 2 jets and the Polaris jet. While they do not repair leaks they are able to do a temporary fix to stop the leak with some 2 part waterproof sealer. After letting their equipment read the level for 15 minutes he confirmed that the pool was no longer leaking. All of this was done in an about an hours time.

This was a big relief to me and my parents! After about 2 weeks there is still no water loss! Its amazing what a qualified professional can do sometimes!


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Nov 30, 2019
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Nice when you stumble across one of those, a qualified professional. Especially in the pool industry. No offense meant to anyone.
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