Leaf Skimmer - recommendations?


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Jun 18, 2007
Charleston, SC
Anyone got any recommendations on a leaf skimmer to go on the end of my pole?

The one I have is a biogaurd blue plastic with like an aluminum insert that goes around the plastic rim. I think its a piece of Crud and has recently cracked allowing the aluminum insert that holds the netting to come out.

I went to home depot (im trying to avoid the pool store) and didnt really like any of the ones they had there.

Anyone know of any good ones available online?

Michael Silvester

In The Industry
Jul 2, 2007

I can recommend a product called the "Leaf Shovel"

I service pools every week and I'd be lost without it.
I only just replaced the net on it last week and I've had
it for 3 years. And I use it Everyday! Its magic...It makes
it really easy to scoop leaves off the floor too.

Take Care,

Micahel Silvester