Landscaping around AGP


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May 2, 2017
Gaffney, SC
We have just had a 33' AGP installed on the site that my inlaws (many years ago) had a 27' pool. Back "in the day" my inlaws kept pine needles on plastic tarp around the edge of the pool to keep the grass from growing. I have been told that pine needles are a snake pit, and that is why they had snake issues with their previous pool (for the record, I'm terrified of snakes and my heart rate is up from just typing this). I would like suggestions for what we could use to put around our pool that will not become a haven for snakes. I've already ruled out gravel, as I might not be able to see snakes hiding out among the rocks. Thanks in advance.


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Aug 18, 2013
Austin, TX
I've already ruled out gravel, as I might not be able to see snakes hiding out among the rocks.
I'm no expert, but most snakes are going to hide in secluded safe spots, and I can't imagine them hanging out in the open on pea gravel or river rock gravel if it's an actively used area like the pool. If they do they'll probably flee as soon as you get anywhere close. The spacing between rocks would also be too small for effective concealment.

Are you concerned about Rattlers, Water Moccasins, Copperheads or Corals? Aside from those, there are no other snakes to worry about. As far as bites go, you'd have to work really hard to get bitten and poisoned by a Coral Snake. Rattlers will try to warn you, and the Cottonmouth will probably stay relatively close to water. The Copperhead is probably the most concerning as far as potential for poisonous encounter and bite, but it's poison isn't likely fatal and they aren't aggressive.

My suggestion is to go with a gravel of some sort around the pool and enjoy it. I don't have a one myself, but am in the process of researching, and gravel surrounding an AGP just looks good, is low maintenance, avoids muddy spots, etc. I really wouldn't worry about snakes. They're scary looking, but likely aren't going to attack you unless you pretty much step on them, and in all odds your only encounters will when be scaring them away.