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May 5, 2017
Cross Hill, SC
I am having my AG pool installed sometime in the next week... weather is holding us up. My question is that I am going to have a deck put up around my pool but not immediately. Am I going to have to buy two separate ladders or is there a ladder that I can use now that will conform to a deck later?


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Jun 7, 2011
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Hey Kim, welcome to the forum! :wave:

I'm giving you a move and a bump to the AG area, where plenty of AG owners can chime in. Hope you have a great summer in your new pool.


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Mar 17, 2015
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I did this
bought a Confer brand ladder
look up confer plastics, the have many " A" frame ladders.
Pick one and also order a deck conversion kit.Make sure the ladder you choose will accept the conversion kit, appears 4 or 5 of them do.Use it as a A frame ladder, when needing to mount to deck, you cut the back legs off and attach the deck kit.Basically sliding 2 pads with legs into each hollow opening left when cutting off, just double measure when cutting.They also have extension kits, which I needed since my deck was a little tall for the ladder.Very strong but the safety barrier is a little annoying since upper portion like to come loose.
I removed after the 2nd year.
couple links below

Products | Confer Plastics, Inc

Pool Ladders A-Frame


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May 5, 2017
Cross Hill, SC
Thank you for the suggestions. So I purchased the Confer A-Frame 7200 ladder and conversion kit. It will be awhile until the deck is built and I don't want to screw holes in my pool top to stabilize the ladder. Any suggestions??


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Aug 26, 2016
Chapmansboro, Tn
Kim, I adjusted my ladder to just touch the top rail of my pool. Cut a piece of pool mat and put between ladder and top rail so the finish does not get rubbed. I use a 14x14x1 paver on the bottom platform of the ladder and it's as solid as can be without being bolted down.