krystal clear saltwater system 1600


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Jun 12, 2012
im new to pool stuff, this will be my first year actually setting up the saltwater system. My pool was pretty cloudy after i got my new system. i took a water sample in and i had sum algea, ph issues and calcium issues, plus no chlorine.. so i shocked my pool yesterday becaue my new filteration system hasnt been working more than 48 hours and hasnt made any chlorine for the pool yet. so after i had added the shock i went to vacumm it today and after about 10minutes i got a low flow light.. Im really not sure how to fix this.. i closed both plunger valves and drained the water from the basket.. cleaned out the basket and restarted everything. the beeping sound for the low flow is still on after turning it back on.. so i than did a backwash on the sand filter than a rinse.. turned it off and when i turned it on it still had a low flow.... HELP..

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Oct 8, 2011
New Caney, Texas
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Did you check where the hose connects to the side of the pool? Sometimes things can get past the basket and clog the strainer on the inside of the pool that the strainer connects to.

With the SWCG system you need to get the pool balanced and bring the FC up to levels then let the SWCG maintain the FC level, it cant bring it up on its own to start. Have a read here: and if you already have algae read here:
And read here:


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Jun 21, 2011
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Sometimes the my Intex swg will beep the low flow for several mins or better before it finally starts back to producing chlorine after I've shut off the pump to clean the basket or have done a backwash. Maybe thats all yours is doing as well and it will resume normal operation after several mins.