Just Filled Pool and it is Green/Yellow - Well Water


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Jun 1, 2010
We just set up our Intex above ground pool. (It had been in storage for a few years.)

Began filling it with water Sunday evening. On Monday morning color was greenish/yellow. Went to Leslie's. They tested the ph, alkalinity, chlorine, and all were normal. He said my iron was just barely elevated an would not cause this. He said since the pool was just filled it could not be algae already. (???) He tested phospates and said they were very high which could lead to algae, so he sold me something to help with that. (Phosfree)

Last night I used two gallons of liquid shock, and the phosfree. I kept the filter running all night.

This morning, the pool looks the same, but I notice a rust colored ring around the top of the water on the sides of the pool.

I used the test strips he sold me and this is what my results were this morning:

pH 8.4 or higher
Free Chlorine 10+
Total alkalinity:Test strip chart seems to be all green hues - my tested color looked more of a blue color?
Stabalizer looked in the 30 - 50 (ideal) range

Please help!

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Jun 22, 2009
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What was your fill water source? Public water or well?

Can you take a pic of the pool and post it?

With high pH and high FC if you have iron it'll cause staining.
High phosphates and zero chlorine can allow algae to grow very rapidly so it could be that as well.


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Almost everything in your post indicates iron precipitation.

You'll want to get your pH down to around 7.2 and then learn how to use sequestrant to keep the iron in slution.


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Jun 1, 2010
It is well water, which is why I asked the guy at Leslie's to check the metals.

Here is a pic of the ring around the top, and you can see the color of the water.

So, it could have grown the algae literally overnight?

Thanks for any help!!


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