Jandy Caretaker 8 Port in-floor cleaner issues


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Sep 15, 2015
Hey TFP'ers,

Hoping to get some help with an existing in-floor cleaning system. Don't know exact age but I would guess pool/system is 15-20 years old. I am having issues getting the in-floor system to operate consistently. I have the circulation system returning all water through the in-floor system ie. regular wall returns are valved off. I have been able to get 7 of the 8 ports functioning - popup heads were working and the valve was rotating through all ports. Have never been able to get the last port and popups in deep end to lift or rotate.

That said the pressure at in-floor system is only about 8 PSI. I have read that the operating pressure required is 12-20 PSI. So I am assuming this is solely pressure related issue. I have removed and cleaned both cartridges from Sta-Rite System 3 filter. Did not help with in floor cleaning although it did reduce pressure at filter from 30 PSI to 22 PSI. I am considering removing the filters to see if the in-floor cleaning system will operate without the additional head loss but not sure if it is advisable since it would potentially allow dirt/debris into the in-floor system. I figured it would at least give me an idea if the filters need replacement.

The only other thing I can think of is the valve itself. This unit has an automated valve actuator controlled by a switch. Currently the unit is stuck with one port of heads lifted and is not rotating through the other ports. I am not sure why this would happen as the valve is set to rotate every 45 seconds. Is there something that needs to be cleaned/replaced/checked within the valve itself. Even with pressure related issues I assume that should not affect the operation of the valve but that's why I am posting here!

I have reached out to Jandy as well but any assistance/experience would be appreciated.


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Feb 6, 2015
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Where is Brantford? Please add your state/province to your profile.

Also, fill out your signature with your pool, pool equipment (including manufacturer and model numbers) and test kit info. This assists us to help you without needing to ask for that info each time.

Is this the water distribution valve you have?
If so, look thru the PDF manuals there. One of them has troubleshooting guidance.

Show us a picture of your equipment pad and any other pool related equipment not at the pad.


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Sep 15, 2015
Although I do own a pool - I don't have any issues with it so not much point in updating the profile.

This is a customers pool which I maintain seasonally. I have read the manuals. They do nothing to help troubleshoot the automated valve actuator nor do they tell me if I can consider operating the system with the cartridges removed. The manuals don't offer much insight aside from basic maintenance.
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