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May 10, 2021
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Hi, I live in Phoenix and have a 25,000 pool. I have been using Pool RX to keep algae away. I think it has stained my pool now with brown stains up the sides and on the bottom. I tested with Jack's Magic Copper by putting some in panty hose and put on spot. The spot does lighten. My problem is I can't drain the pool as the weather is going to be getting over 110 degrees. All my level are way high. Can I still use Jack's Magic Copper remover in my pool to remove stains. I have 2, 10lb buckets of it and 2 of the Magenta. My Chlorine is ok right now and so is my ph level. I don't want to ruin the plaster on my pool. I also have Jack's Magic Fiber stuff I can put in to help catch the copper as it lifts. Also, once done putting the Jack's Magic in the pool, how soon can I put my Clorine back in pool so I don't get algae.

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JD, welcome to TFP! :wave: Well, as you have now learned PoolRx is 30-45% copper sulfate as seen on their SDS. That copper isn't going anywhere unless you change the water, and I highly doubt you will have success trying to filter any of it out. You can try the acks Magic Stain removal program which I believe uses the Blue Stuff (maybe magenta) Copper and Scale remover, but then a water exchange will still be necessary. PoolRx is a pool industry gimmick and not a substitute for proper sanitation and/or algae removal. Only chlorine will do that. But here's the real problem.

Before you do anything else other than add liquid chlorine, post a full set of water test results from your TF-100 or Taylor K-2006C test kit. We need to see all those numbers. If you don't have one of those kits, STOP and order one ASAP. I recommend the TF-100 (link in my signature). It's a must and we need to see those accurate results first.

Based on previous pool chemistry care, I have a concern you may already have algae, or at least algae-related staining (maybe calcium staining) which can embed in the plaster as well. You should also be aware that some copper treatments can really skew your free chlorine readings which can throw-off FC testing as well. So there are several things to consider in your situation.

Finally, while this may not be the ideal time to do a water exchange, you could consider an overnight water exchange. At dusk, get yourself a strong sump pump which will suck water out rather quickly, then refill. It would be ideal to get most of it changed, but even if you only made it half to 3/4 of an exchange, it may be enough to reduce your copper levels before the mid-day sun and UV kit. But let's start with some accurate test results and we'll get you going in the right direction.
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