It's Not Easy Being Green...


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Mar 18, 2008
Garden State says Kermit, seems my pool feels differently. :roll:

Pulled the cover off tonight so I could get some advice before I tackle the pool this weekend. As I figured, the water is green, we closed our pool a little earlier than usual last year and have had a few very warm days so far. The bottom of the shallow end is still visible (with green clumps on it) so it is not as bad as it could be.

Here is the first set of results from my new TF-100:

FC 0
CC 0
pH 7.3
TA 70
CYA 50

I have not gotten the filter and pump started up for the season yet, will do that this weekend and do some vacuuming on waste to remove some of the junk and lower the water level a little so I can add some fresh water.

So gurus, what's the best way to tackle this, here's what I was thinking, let me know how well I have comprehended everything I have read (I am an engineer and computer guy, reading comprehension was not my strong suit to say the least):

(1) Get pump / filter setup and running 24x7
(2) Run another test once that is done to be sure values are current (we are supposed to get some rain between now and then)
(3) Shock level appears to be 16 for my current conditions, that is roughly 10 gallons of 6%. I figured I would push beyond that to knock out the algae as some have suggested in other posts I have read. By that logic I was thinking 15 gallons to put me at roughly 23. My pH seems to be within range so I will leave that for now.
(4) Continue to test CL levels for next 48 hours maintaining shock level or higher

While I am doing steps 3 and 4 of maintaining a shock level, would it be bad to vacuum out the pool? Or, would it be better to do that before I start for a little while, then do the shocking procedure?

Before I start, how much Bleach should I have on hand, 50 gallons sound about right?


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Apr 1, 2007
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Well, I have to disagree...........Your comprehension is excellent!! I wouldn't change that plan by one pint of Clorox!!

Some folks have pretty good luck vacuuming first and getting some gunk out before you shock. That is certainly the best way in my mind. Others, however, find they only stir the stuff around and don't seem to have much luck getting it out of the pool,

Regardless, you have a complete grasp of the process. The clorox quantity will probably complete the job and have a little left over.

PS - I got my Blue Diamond last week and, at first blush, "Wow!". It's still early so I'll know a heck of a lot more in September but I am very encouraged by it's performance to date.