Introduction -- above ground pool in Northern VA


Jun 3, 2020
Thank you already for interesting feedback on questions I've already asked in the forum.

I am brand-new to pool anything -- my sole exposure so far has been swim team at community pools. This summer, we are installing a 4500 Gallon Intex pool in our backyard, and I have lots of questions. From ground preparation, to chemistry (why is Cyanuric Acid buil up bad?) to sane solutions for heating up the pool. Currently, I'm researching heat exchangers, to take advantage of the hot muggy weather we get in Northern VA and transfer that to the pool.

I appreciate everyone's help in advanced, and hopefully when I have more experience under my belt, I will start to contribute.
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Welcome to TFP! :wave: Please start by reading our ABCs of Pool Water Chemistry and those Vital Links below in my signature. You'll see that CYA is not bad, in fact, it's required. The key , as with any pool chemical, is to have the "right" amount. For that we refer to our FC/CYA Chart. Unfortunately what happens is many pool owners rely solely on powdered shock or tablets for daily chlorination. Those products have stabilizer in them, so before you know it the CYA level is way too high. We teach you how to avoid such problems. But start with those links provided and let us know if you have any questions.
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