Intex PureSpa


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Jan 11, 2011
Northern Illinois
Does anyone have any experience with the inflatable Intex PureSpa? Target has them on sale for $400. Seems like an inexpensive alternative to see if a permanent hot tub might be a good idea in a few years.

Also, would putting such a hot tub on our pool deck be okay? I estimate the hot tub full weighs about 1,800 pounds. The deck is 20' by 12', is about 4' high, and is built with 2x8 pressure treated lumber. Joist are 12" apart, support beams are 8' apart, and there are 8 4x4 posts in cememnt. Deckin is ultradeck.



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Jul 4, 2012
Actually just got one yesterday. We really like it! Easy to set up and very comfortable. It fits two adults and two fairly large kids pretty well. Looks nice as well.

I have no clue about the safety on your deck.


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May 8, 2012
Southeast Michigan
Now that you've had it up for a year what do you think? I am considering one, since we do not have room for a full size spa.

James sisson

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May 30, 2015
Mansfield la
Had mine since feb this year, i love it, no problems until lately. Honestly at the price i may buy one twice a year if they ware out in 6 mo of use. I use it every day. Traditional hot tub is nice but i love the flexibility.
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