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Jul 22, 2007
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I am looking at buying an intelliflo (the new one that you can program start /stop times). Would also like to install the pressure side The Pool Cleaner (which doesn't require a separate booster pump) . I have a 27' (18k) 4ft on ground pool and will install an Aqua Genie Skimmer, which has two separate connections one for the skimmer and one for the return line. The other regular return line with be equipped with an aqua luminator light and pressure cleaner adapter (this will be my dedicated pressure line for the pool cleaner). My budget doesn't allow for separate automatic controls ( such intellitouch or easy touch).

So here is the real question can i use the programing feature in the intelliflo to operate one cycle for normal filtering and a separate cycle for pool cleaning. Would i need to install a valve to stop flow to the aqua genie return line and can this valve be automated (actuator ?) so i can use the intelliflo program that is part of the new full intelliflo pump? What additional equipment or special electrical connections would i need to make this work?

The reason i am choosing the intelliflo over a 2 speed pump is: I would really appreciate the energy savings both from a financial point of view as well as a green earth point of view. I know the pump costs a lot more but i figured with the energy savings combined with elimination of the need for a second booster pump and not needing an intermatic timer for 2 programs that the overall costs would be the same and besides i like the idea of the newest bestessst pump to date.

Forgive me if this a dumb question but i am going through mental overload trying to decide on the best/affordable equipment. I have had my packaged pool sitting in my driveway for about week and still haven't ordered the equipment because there is so much to decide on that i am going around in circles.

Please. Please, Please HELP me.

I would really appreciate any advice from any of you intelliflo users or builders.

Thank you


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May 7, 2007
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If you want to run the cleaner only part of the time the pump is running and only have one pump you are either going to need to turn the cleaner on and off manually or have a timer of some kind that controls an automated valve. The IntelliFlo won't control anything external. It is designed to either stand alone or have an external automation system.

The IntelliFlo is significantly more expensive than a small two speed pump and running a 30 Amp 240 Volt line to it will also be more expensive than the 15 Amp 115 Volt line you could use to run a small two speed pump. While it will save electricity, it might take a significant amount of time to catch up to the extra initial expense.


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Mar 28, 2007
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I don't know if this would work with your Aqua Genie, but this might be a workaround if you're willing to consider a suction side cleaner.

Hayward skimmer plate

If your budget can be expanded just a little, then you may consider a 4x160 and an Easytouch system. If you're not going through a pool builder, you can buy these online for about $400-500 more than a just the Intelliflo alone. These prices are from, which may not be the lowest-priced.

520538 $820 Easytouch 4 with two valve actuators
011013 $969 Intelliflo 4x160
Total $1789

011012 $1279 Intelliflo 3.2 kW

One last option, if you're electrically inclined, is to create your own control system using an industrial PLC. It's a lot more work, but you could do it for relatively little money. Try something like this:

Automation Direct DL-05

If you can keep your program to under 100 steps, the programming software is free. This model has a real-time clock that you can synchronize with your Intelliflo.