intellichlor malfunction?

Nov 21, 2011
I have an 18000gallon in ground pool with cover. My intellichlor light flashed low salt, but unit was still making chlorine. I checked the control unit that gave me a read out of 2700ppm, water temp 56F. I added 40lbs of salt, no where near enough to bring the level to normal. I waited two days and the unit recorded 3050ppm. A week later I turned the heat on (yup, Mother's day in Seattle) and the salt water level shot to 3850 in a matter of days, water temp 80F. On the Intellichlor unit itself there is a green light: all okay! I checked chlorine level 1,5 - 2 (dpd tablet), pH 7.6 and total alkalinity 110. Water looks, smells, tastes fine.
Have I brought more salt into solution by heating the pool?
Do I have a faulty wall unit or are they just eye candy and generally inaccurate??
Any thoughts greatly appreciated!


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May 7, 2007
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That is all normal. The salt level sensor is temperature sensitive. They are calibrated so they read correctly at normal swimming temperature, read low when the water is cold, and read high if the water is especially warm.
Nov 21, 2011
Yes, I just read one of your posts on a similar subject: the unit measures conductivity, which varies with temperature...
Thank you!! :-D