intellibrite versus colorlogic


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Oct 18, 2007
Central Texas
I was wondering if anyone had any advice regarding the selection of the pentair versus the hayward low voltage LED lights?

The colorlogic's have been discussed on various threads but I can't find anything by searching for "intellibrite".

The only general information I have to go on is that the colorlogic lights seem more popular amongst the users of this forum; that the few who have commented on hayward versus pentair seem to feel pentair builds better products than hayward and that the much fabled colorlogic 3.0 lights which were shown at a tradeshow in 12/2006 are still not on the market.

I have seen the colorlogic 2.5 lights in person but don't know anybody who is using the intellibrite lights.



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Oct 2, 2007
I have two Intellebrites. One in the spa and one in my 40ft pool. I am extremely happy with my purchase. My favorite thing about these lights were the "shows" that it can perform. Love the constant change and the ability to change the mood with the flip of a switch. If you are look for energy efficiency this is the way to go, as our pool is open year-round, and have our lights programmed with our Easy Touch system to be on every nite for ambience and a calming light show. I really was wanting fiber optic when planning this pool construction and the PB actually talked me out of it as the cost is considerably more and the effect is about the same. I hope someone can give you a ColorLogic review, but I give 5 stars on the Pentair Intellibrites.