I'm new here


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Sep 21, 2019
Georgetown, KY
Above ground pool about 5000 gallons.
Have been going to local pool store for supplies and advice. Last year they said use chlorine and then shock once a week. This year they suggested just using shock.
I've had a lot of trouble this year. Of course I've neglected too test and treat water some.
But I read about using bleach which led me here.
Does it matter if the bleach is scented?


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Hi Joetee and welcome to TFP!

Yes, it matters. Do NOT use scented bleach! The only bleach to use is plain, unscented, no additives bleach. No splashless, stabilized, chlorinated bleach. No Clorox at all.

You also need a testing kit that has the FAS-DPD reagents, not the OTO reagents. If you have the little vial that you compare shades of yellow with, that's OTO. We recommend either the Taylor K-2006C or the TF-100 test kit. You can get the Taylor kit from Amazon, and the TF kit from tftestkits.net

Please fill out your signature with your pool info so we can better help you, and again, welcome to TFP!