IG Vinyl Robotic Pool Cleaner to choose? (Dolphin S100 Saturn or S200 Discovery)


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Jul 25, 2011
Thanks to this forum and all of the great replies from the community I've found a ton of info on robotic pool cleaners here.
I'm down to either the Dolphin Saturn/S100 or Dolphin Discovery/S200. A couple of posts indicated for a vinyl liner to save some $ with the Saturn/S100.
Is this mainly a financial item or will the extra brush on the S200 have a negative affect to the vinyl liner?

I do have some trees but not a forest. I mainly get some dirt accumulated by the steps and in the coves in the deep end. I currently have a MX8 suction which when it works is fine but its getting old and frankly my pool pump doesn't have enough suction to make it work right so its a constant battle. However, that may sound like I'm not interested in going the S200 route. I would rather spend the $150 to get the higher unit so long as its not going to wear out the liner excessively more than a single brush would.



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Aug 10, 2012
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Mostly just to save some money. The S200 will be fine in a vinyl pool. You can also look for the Active10 and Active20, they are the same models also. Marina Pool in CO is another good source for S-series robot.


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Jul 25, 2011
Thanks for the replies. I've been in contact with Margaret at Marina Pools and they have competitive prices.
I'm actually leaning towards the S200 or Active 20 (same thing) mainly because the basket difference and the second brush.
The bluetooth on the Active 30 (S300) is also really tempting because there are usually a few spots that my current suction cleaner always misses and I keep dragging it over hoping it will get it.
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