iAqualink Not Going Into Auto Mode and Shutting Down


Bronze Supporter
Jun 26, 2019
As of this morning, my iAqualink RS Wireless OneTouch is down. While in Auto mode the display for the chlorine generator and lights for the control panel buttons are all off. If I power cycle the system by turning off the iAquaLink breaker and turning it back on, it attempts to start in Auto mode. By that, I mean the appropriate equipment tries to come on but fails. For example, the control panel light for the filter pump will flicker on, then off, and I can hear a click as if the system is attempting to kick on the pump but the pump does not come on. Same with lights and other devices. It will make two or three attempts to start devices in Auto mode, then the displays shut down/go dark again. The only way to get the system back on is to power cycle it. If I flip it into Service Mode before it shuts down (after I power cycle) then I can operate devices manually from Service Mode with no apparent issue. Any assistance or guidance on how to troubleshoot would be much appreciated. Already replaced the chlorinator earlier this year. Must be the year of the pool! Thanks! Dave