I have to decide which size cartridge filter


May 1, 2010
Hi the dig started yesterday on a 69000l ig pool. The ps is selling me a hayward filter rated up to 80000l. I have the option of purchasing the next size filter ie.80000l plus. It will cost more initially plus the cartridges cost more. My question is will the larger filter save me time and money in the long run? Will the cartridges last longer?
My pool area has several large trees in the area and several filthy children. Can I extend the life of the cartridges by installing a pool skim?
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Jul 1, 2009
Its hard to determine if you will save time and money in the long run with a larger filter. In theory you should gain time between cartridge cleans with the larger filtering area of the larger cartridges. You could save money by the pump not working as hard as the filters start to get dirty. I have read that it is better to have too much filter. We have the largest Pentair cleanclear plus filter for our 16000 gallon pool.


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May 7, 2007
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I strongly recommend getting a filter that is larger than what you really need. A larger filter will filter better and go longer between cleanings/backwashing. However, a larger filter won't necessarily last any longer than a smaller filter. Reducing the frequency of cleaning the cartridges does reduce the stress on the cartridges slightly, but if you are cleaning them properly that shouldn't make much of a difference.