I did an ascorbic treatment yesterday


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Jun 3, 2010
Thanks to this forum, I did an ascorbic treatment yesterday – we moved into a house with a huge, but rather old-looking pool 2 summers ago. Due to all kinds of problems with the winter cover the liner was deeply stained – every square inch of the liner below the waterline was stained: the blue parts were green & the white yellowy-brown. We thought we were going to need a new liner ($$$!). The Ascorbic treatment – which I hoped would make the pool look slightly less disgusting – made the pool look amazing in the space of 15 minutes: better than it’s ever looked since we moved in…

Anyway, to my question. I added the advised levels: 4lb of ascorbic followed by 2 liters of “Metal-free”. I was wondering if the sheer scale of the staining meant I needed any extra sequestrant (I don’t think I need any extra Vitamin C because the liner is spotless :-D )

I’m just concerned that all the iron gets mopped up – don’t want the miracle to go into reverse…

A couple of other things: I did the treatment around 5pm yesterday, so I haven’t started to balance the pool yet. I noticed this morning there was a froth collecting around the skimmers: is this something to worry about?

And I’m rather daunted about the re-balancing: I’m seeing that establishing a ph of 7.2 is good, but above 7.6 sends the process into reverse; my test strips are hardly any different in color at those two levels – do I need to add it a bit at a time and keep dashing to the pool store?

And when will the pool be ok to swim in? Once the chlorine is back to a safe level?




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Feb 18, 2010
Houston, TX
You really need to get a good drop based kit; the strips are pretty much useless. The TF-100 and Taylor K-2006 are both excellent kits. You can find the link for the TF-100 in my sig, the K-2006 is at http://www.taylortechnologies.com/produ ... KitID=2230

If you haven't already, take a look in pool school at the metals section. Actually, it will help you out A LOT to go read through pretty much all of it. You can find all the information you need there to understand what's going on in your pool and how to take control of it.

BTW, welcome to TFP! We're always here to help!

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