I can get a $500 rebate for buying a new pool pump. Wireless control? Choosing a pump?


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Apr 13, 2008
I have the 011018 VS Pump, the amount of money you will save in the first month will more than outweigh the amount you will spend on purchasing a new pump. I saw a least a $125 drop in my electric bill after I installed my pump, so yes I paid $900 for the pump, which at the time was not on PG&E's list so they denied my rebate request, but it was the newsest and great pump out there, and although I cared, I really didn't, I just needed to drop my electric bill. Fast forward to one year later I get this $150 check in the mail, it made their list and they refunded me. So like so many people here have said, a new VS pump for $400 I'd jump on that like a dog on a bone! Installation, well that's up to you. I did my own, it's not rocket science and the electrical is pretty straight forward. I've had it now for 7 years and love it. Just set it an forget it, you really don't need wi-fi to control it. There are so many features to control the speed, and times for on and off you really don't need wifi. I tweaked mine a couple of times but once I got it dialed in I never touch it, that's been about 6 years now. I say jump on it ASAP. And you'll love the electric saving on it also. Well worth it in my opinion.


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Jun 5, 2017
Manchester NH
So I'm back at it. I haven't done anything. Too much going on at the house.

I checked and my current pimp runs on 110 not 220.

That means to get and install the 011018 would require running 10g wire and a new gfci breaker. That would cost $250 to $300 in parts.

So 1200 in parts to save 500.
Worth it?

I found pentair variable speed pump (342001) that is single phase and happens to fit the hayward super pump fittings I have now. It's 650 or so. No rebate on it.

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