How to Test Iron Level before filling Newly Plastered Pool Filling w/Well Water


Aug 28, 2018
Uniontown, OH
Husband just replastered our concrete pool (not a fun task) & we will be filling it using well water in the next week. It looks great. After all his hard work, I’m hoping to avoid issues with discoloration of the pool anytime soon. We have Metal Out on hand if necessary, but would prefer to test the iron level in the water & possibly put an iron filter on the hose so it doesn’t end up in the pool in the first place.

1) is there a test kit for iron, and if so, where do I order it?
2) I’ve seen recommendations for the Hayward Bobby, ecoone, Prefresh & Pleatco filters. Not sure how to pick one.


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Jul 3, 2016
Delphos, OH
Plumbing company might be able to test that for you if they install water softeners. Or they might suggest someone nearby who can test it. I had my water tested at the place I bought my well pump.
Jun 17, 2019
Barrington IL
I had this problem--enough iron in well water that the pool turns brown when the water combines with chlorine if I add a lot of water (i.e., I did an exchange to reduce CYA and the color was pretty bad afterwards). The inline filters work well, but we recently got a whole-house iron filter, and I made sure the installer replumbed so that the faucet we use for the pool was after the iron filter. It works perfectly, and the water in the entire house is better--for taste and stain purposes. I recommend it!
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