How to tell if I am skimming enough.


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May 11, 2020
houston, tx, USA
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FYI - turnover in a pool is meaningless. You only need to run your pump long enough each day to create your chlorine (SWCG), or distribute your chlorine (liquid chlorine), skim the surface, and filter the water enough to remove particulates. That could be as little as a couple hours or 24 hours per day.

You can let your filter pressure rise by 25% over clean pressure prior to cleaning. With a sand filter that improves filtration (a slightly dirty sand filter filters better than a clean one), for cartridge and DE filters that standard just reduces the frequency of cleaning.

I realize this post is old. Been playing with my pump rpm/gpms. I saw this concept discussed in several other posts- i.e- the pump needs to run enough to skim the surface .. (in addition to the other stuff you mention). How do you determine if there is sufficient skimming occuring? Is there an objective measure? or just subjective by eye balling?
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