How to add chlorine and/or other chemicals with Katchakid mesh cover?!


Oct 16, 2019
Hi everyone,

we just covered our pool with the katchakid net + mesh cover yesterday. We still have polaris cleaning daily 2 hours but I'm thinking with no leaves coming in - that might not be needed?! We plan on taking it off once a month to brush etc. but my question is - how do we take care of the other maintenance? I can test the water from the skimmer baskets but where would I add the liquid chlorine or other chemicals? I usually add it in front of a vent. Does anyone have a similar situation?

Thanks for all ideas :)


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Jun 28, 2017
Fresno, CA
How about making an application device with a length of 1.5 or 2" diameter PVC pipe. For the uphill end attach a 90 elbow with extension pipe that fits a funnel for pouring into. On the other end a 45 with extension that directs the bleach into the water stream at least 6" away from the pool wall. Lay the device on its side, slip your device under your cover stand it up and pour slowly. Rise with fresh water. :cheers:
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I just saw your post and don’t have brilliant ideas for you but thought I’d share our experience since we use a Katchakid net and leaf cover as well. We wouldn’t be without them.

I grab water samples sometimes from a skimmer or when my fountain is running as I’m getting wimpy about getting my arm too wet as the water temperature drops. I find that the chlorine drops much more slowly with the fall and winter sun angle and the shade from the mesh.

We keep our safety net fully secured at all times unless we are actively working on the pool or swimming (which we haven’t done in about two months). The leaf cover, however, doesn’t have 100% of the hooks in. Most of them, yes, but we tend to leave the spot where we prefer to add chemicals undone a bit. Our pool is freeform, and there’s a convenient return near one corner. The net stays pulled onto our concrete, but we can move a flap of the leaf net to pour liquids if need be. Chlorine I just pour through the opening in the safety net. MA I use an automotive funnel that sits on the safety net grid and pour through that. I keep a watering can of fresh water nearby to rinse.

We do still get some leaves in our pool (the natural rock waterfall contributes to that as they fall there and get washed under the net). On occasion during the fall, we loosen both nets and let the robot clean them up for us. We try to do that on a Saturday morning and handle chemicals at the same time.
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