how install aqua genie


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Jun 9, 2014
new york
rebuilding pool and have problem with installing aqua genie skimmers..

1. when sliding in wall skimmer goes 1/2" more inside than need (will not line up with liner) am i suppose to use some kind of spacer or they sent me kinda skimmer for walls with foam or something..

2. there's 2 holes bigger 2" pvc plug(for what is that) and smaller 1-1/2" to pump. I want use 2" pipes so.. am i suppose to use adapter 2" to1-1/2 or..... can i plug small hose and connect bigger 2"(suppose to be pluged) with pump??

3. there will be 2 skimmers maybe i should use 1-1/2" pipes instead 2" if skimmer has already that size hole


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Jun 7, 2011
Midland TX
What sort of pool is this exactly? Can you please add those details to your signature line? It will help get answers for you more quickly.