Hot Springs Bengal Hot Tub Dead


New member
May 1, 2017
Crossville, TN
I have a Hot Springs Bengal hot tub that is totally dead! The breaker is not kicked nor is the gfi on the outlet tripped. There are no lights on the display or the main board. I checked and have good 120VAC coming into the relay board and 22VAC at all nine terminal posts where the relay board and the main board connect and also 120 going out to the main board from the red, black and white terminal wires. It acts like something is tripped somewhere but just can't find what is going on. I ordered and installed a new main board because no LED's were lit on the old main board but to no avail. This new style main board only has one green LED but it doesn't come on either. Any ideas?

Also does anyone know where I can find a schematic for this model and the voltage outputs from the nine pin connector that goes from the relay board to the control board?