Hot Spring Limelight Glow 2017 - Protection mode


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Nov 18, 2017
Atlanta, GA
I wanted to post this in case anyone else has the same problem.

So I just got back to the house after a 2 month hiatus with the tub fully winterized. I cleaned it out, flushed the anti freeze, then filled it. When I flipped the breakers on the tub "booted" normally the circulation pump came on, the Jets were operational, but 30-45 secs later the red protection mode screen came up with a message about filters and flow. The only thing that I could see that seemed wrong was the temp reading was 115 with 50 degree water, but the error does not mention temperature.

I called the dealer and he said it was either the pressure monitor in the circle pump, or the Thermistor, or the hi-limit Thermistor. The green and blue yin and yang lights on the side of the tub are diagnostic codes (mine was steady green, blinking blue). After realizing it was the, somewhat, obvious answer of the main Thermistor, they went ahead and replaced the hi limit just in case. I think all three fixes were a less than $50-60, but I was under warranty so $0. If you aren't under warranty and can get the parts, replacement was super simple for all three fixes (Even easier with a drained tub since water comes out of the removed thermometers).

I was maybe over thinking it since I was bringing the tub out of hibernation and was worried about problems, but if this helps someone diagnose quickly, Great!

P.S. Mountain Spa in Franklin, NC rocks. They could not have been easier or more helpful. Thank you to them for the solution.