Hole in AGP Steel Wall


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May 20, 2017
Twin Lakes
Have a 54 inch - 24ft round above ground pool (Artesian Seville) that has developed a hole in the wall - hum not good.

It's a large circle with a 10 inch diameter. It is located near the top of the wall (like where a skimmer would be). So 1/2 the hole is under water line and 1/2 above water line.
Plan is to cut out the hole and rust spot then put in a 4ft tall by 2 ft wide piece of galvanized steel sheet metal in place. I'll put the bottom of sheet metal into the bottom pool track, then bolt the entire thing on both sides from bottom to near top. Then also bolt across the top (above water line). Pool is built into deck so I can't easily remove the top rail. Lucky it has a beaded liner so I'll replace the liner too with out needing to take deck apart.

So question is what gauge of steel sheet should I get ? I tried looking for what gauge the steel roll wall is and had no luck finding it.
Also the pool came with a stainless steel service panel. I tried looking to see if I could just buy one of them but had no luck at all.

Last question is what paint do you suggest for galvanized steel ? I figure while I have the liner out I'll paint the inside of the pool with some rust proof paint but I read that Rustolium should not be used on galvanized steel.
Any suggestions ?

Thanks Tons