High PH - How much Muriatic acid?

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Jun 12, 2010
Okay so my ph is high 8.1 How much muriatic acid? and where other then pool store can i get it. how long till i can have people in the pool? see below numbers. also from prev numbers to latest numbers i added the following recommended by pool store. yes i know. no more pool store since i have found this site
15 pounds alk up
20 pounds calcium hardness
50 pounds of ocean breezes salt support. ( i think this stuff is garbage by the way. my cya only went up by 5. and pool store said i shouldnt be using uv shield but the salt support product.) funny now that i went back after a week he said i can use the uv shield to raise cya. thanks for ripping me off earlier.
anyway now he suggests 1/2 gallon muriatic acid. run filter for 4 hours then add uv shield diluted to deep end skimmer basket slowly and let pool run for 24 hours.. please advise if this is all correct.

Here are the latest numbers. (previous numbers are below)

FC 1.4
TC 1.6
CC 0.2
PH 8.1
ALK 140
CYA 10

FC 4.2
TC 4.3
CC 0.1
PH 7.7
ALK 90


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Skip all that pool store marketing. Return everything you can and put some acid in your pool to start.

You're gonna' need to tell us how many gallons are in your pool (I think you're a little too high) to get the dosages correct. YOu'll need to do that before you can go much further. While you are working on getting that number, I would.....

1. Put roughly a half gallon of muriatic acid in the pool. Available at Lowe's/paint stores/Ace/, etc. That'll get you into the mid 7's and we can get it nailed down when your get your gallonage.

2. Put a small jug of chlorine in your pool every evening (that'll assist your SWG until you can shock with chlorine) until you can figure your pool size. You need to shock the pool but, again, it'd be helpful to nail down the size.

3. While you are at Lowe's, purchase 8 lbs of stabilizer for future use. You will need it soon.

Get your own GOOD testkit. You will be at the mercy of the pool store as long as you depend on them, to test.....usually innacurately.


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Jan 6, 2010
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Pool Calculator will tell you how much acid to add, once you plug in the size of your pool and such. Just go ahead and bookmark that page now. You'll be using it a lot.

Pool Store sells acid. So does Lowes - it's out in the garden area, hidden in a corner somewhere along with liquid chlorine, pool brushes, and other pool stuff.
I'm guessing Home depot will have it too. So will a lot of other big box stores if they have a pool section set up.

You need to get some CYA in there. Look at Lowes or Walmart. Read the label carefully. Avoid stuff with copper in it.

Now that you've wised-up, "no more pool store since i have found this site," spend some time reading Pool School. It will answer most questions before you think to ask them.

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Jun 12, 2010
I will definately look into getting the stuff from lowes/homedepot in the future.. I do have half a gallon of muriatic acid from the pool store from 2 years ago. does that stuff go bad?? can i use that. Also the pool is 30000 gallons. I believe its in my signature at the bottom of the page. the pool is 18 by 36 with 2 roman ends. its the picture in my avatar. so the pool store tells me (they built the pool) thaat it is 30000 gallons. Please let me know about the 2 year old half gallon of Muratic Acid.. Oh by the way I have 8 pounds of pro team uv shield from the pool store purchased today. They dont take back chemicals. so I guess I will have to use that.


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I would seriously look into getting a good test kit. This is one purchase that will do more for your pool than anything else.

There are two big players. The Taylor K-2006 and the TF-100. The TF-100 is the better deal IMHO because you get more testing reagent than you do in the Taylor kit. The TF-100 also uses Taylor reagents. See the Test Kit Comparison page for more details.

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