Help please. Jets and polaris are really weak...

I live in central texas. We got hammered with rain for about 35 days. My pool turned into a green algae swamp because of it. I finally got it all clean, and water is almost crystal clear now finally after almost 2 weeks of dealing with it.

I noticed the pressure coming out of the jets had gotten really really weak. After some researching, I backwashed the pool for about 15 minutes and cleaned out the pump basket. Looks like that took care of that problem. jets pressure is strong again.

However, the Polaris which worked great before all the algae is still really weak. It barely pushes along now. The stream that comes out the back end of it to push it along is not strong enough to make it roll. I hoped cleaning out the pump basket would fix it. but it didn't..

my pool is almost 100% clean, if the polaris worked like it used to, Im sure it would clean all the last bits of crud in the pool...

happy to report that Polaris is working great again. Actually even better than it did before. I removed the hoses and found the little fiter at the end of the hose that was completely full of crud. I removed it and thoroughly cleaned it. Re-attached filter, re-attached hose, crossed my fingers and let her rip. It started going much better and even started to climb the walls and steps..hahaha.

thank you all for the recommendations.

I have successfully made it through my first big algae mess. My pool was a green swawp two weeks ago. Its now crystal clear and I was able to get in it yesterday. All thanks to TFP!