Help measuring Chlorine with K-2006 w/ R-0867 for MPS in water???


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Jan 26, 2021
I have a K-2006 kit with the R-0867 because I use MPS.

I followed the directions that came with the R-0867 exactly and got EXTREMELY high reading like free chlorine at 12.0 PPM and my test strips were showing more like 1.0 PPM.

I think I was not swirling fast enough or something because when I capped it and gently inverted it, I got more like 2.6 PPM free chlorine.

Does capping and gently inverting negatively impact the result? Any other tips?

On one video on youtube testing free chlorine without the R-0867, the guy capped and tipped back and forth a couple times after adding the powder. Do you recommend that?

Thanks, Doug


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Jan 26, 2021
I recently bought a Taylor k-2006 kit, and the MPS correction regent R-0867 and the K-1000 kit.

With the 2006 kit with R-0867 regent I get total chlorine at 5. This is confirmed with two different brands of test strips.

The K-1000 kit shows much a MUCH lower total chorine at 0.5 Does MPS in my hot tub make the 1000 LOWER.

I read and re-read the directions very carefully and ran the test twice so I don't think it's measurement error.

Thanks, Doug


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Feb 6, 2015
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I think you may be the first person that I've seen here that uses the R-0867 reagent for MPS. That's probably why you haven't gotten any responses yet. I think the R-0867 is supposed to be used with the R0870, R-0871 and R-0003 reagents only.

You won't get a very accurate reading for FC (actually, I believe the K-1000 reads TC anyway) when using the K-1000 chlorine test - whether using MPS or chlorine. It's more a 'is there any chlorine in there' type of test. It's included in the TF-100 more for the pH test. The K-1000 pH test is probably the most accurate pH test for the price.

Here is a link to using chlorine in your hot tub - this is the Sticky found at the top of the spas and hot tub forum...

Hopefully someone will be along shortly to provide more info on the R-0867 reagent.
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