Help, leaf basket, light gasket


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Jun 13, 2013
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I bought this home 5 years ago It's a pool installed by Shasta in 2006. I do not have any paperwork and Shasta apparently doesn't keep that stuff I had an I'ld Hayward NS sp4050 or something like that. I tried that leaf strainer and it shaped totally different. wlAny idea what kind of leaf strainer basket I need ?

I also need a new gasket for the light and no one can tell me what kind. There's water in there!!!
My leaf basket is 6 & 3/4 inches across the top and 25 inches tall.


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Maybe one of our experts like @JamesW or @PoolguyinCT will know about the strainer basket. As for the light gasket, is there any way you can remove the light (turn breaker off to light) and try to get some info off of the light for us? Maybe snap a pic or two for everyone to see so we can try to give you some gasket ideas?


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Feb 6, 2015
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The goldish painted item in your second pic is a leaf vac. It is an integral part of your infloor system. It was manufactured by A&A Manufacturing. Parts are available from numerous sources - here is one: AA Manufacturing LeafVac Debris Basket 550168

Above link is not an endorsement of that vendor and the parts may be available elsewhere for a lower cost.

Be careful when tightening the lid on the leaf vac - the little tabs on the side can crack easily. Be sure to use pool lube on the lid o-rings and do not over tighten.
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