Help. Does this look right?


May 4, 2019
Philadelphia PA
Pool is about a year old and had a company come out to install iaqualink and plumb in a slide yesterday.
came home today to algae in the pool, gurgling and my filter gauge going haywire 0-20. Also, chlorinator lights all on and it says to add salt.
I’m worried, don’t know if he needs to come adjust a valve or if the contractor messed something up.


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Jun 22, 2009
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Do you have an operational solar heater?

Looks like the valve on the right of where they cut into, says Main Drain? and it goes to the suction of the pump. If that's the case, then they plumbed the slide feed into the suction side of the pump. You can close that valve and it should stop the pump from sucking air, But they completely disconnected your main drain from the system, so you'll never be able to use it.

I would have them come back and redo the plumbing so that all the functions remain in service as they were before. It may require another valve or a 3-way valve, but to me it's worth doing it right.


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Aug 10, 2017
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I agree I noticed the main drain label too. I'm wondering why a crossover was plumbed in the first place then that T was cut and capped later. Hard to tell from the pics but is the pic the after or the before this happened?

As for the algae start a slam and test your water and add FC per the CYA chart