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Jul 3, 2010
Hi fellow pool enthusiasts :)

I have been dreaming about owning a pool for as long as I can remember. It almost happened in 2005, when we purchased a 24' round 52" depth above ground pool kit from an online company, and had it shipped up to us in BC, Canada. We actually still have this pool, in its original box!! Unfortunately we never assembled it due to some unforseen circumstances, and we no longer have a yard that can comfortably accomodate such a large pool :?

So, the newest instalment in my quest for a pool is this: we just bough a brand new home, and finances are snug to say the least..but.... a friend of a friend has given up on having their inground pool becuase they never use it and it needed a new liner, so they want to get rid of it and we can take the steel walls and pump filter and NG heater for a small fee, basicaly just enough to cover the cost of filling in the hole! We have a friend who is an excavator so we can get that done for a minmal cost, as well as digging the hole to put the pool in our yard.

I am trying to compile a list of the other major costs we need to budget for.. here is what I have so far:
liner 1000.00 (found online)
new coping 200.00
plumbing fixtures 200.00
electrical hardware/labour 400.00 (friend who is licensed electrician will do for nothing, owes big favor :wave:
pool bottom ??
lights 200.00
cover 200.00
roller free from old pool site
decking (used pavers from the old pool site) free
dumptruck to haul fill ?? no idea
excavator equipment rental 250.00 per day, how many days do you think we need it for??

what am I overlooking?
thanks for any insight you might share with me :-D

oh, and if anyone wants my old above ground pool..message me :)


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Nov 5, 2008
Welcome to the forum. Glad to hear that something that you have wanted for so long is finally going to be.

If you edit the subject of the post to something like "Hello from Canada with ? about cost estimates" or something like that perhaps you will attract the right crowd.

Meanwhile, I hope you will take some time to read the archives and search a bit there, perhaps you can find some old posts that will help.

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